Expect The Unexpected!  At the Smelly Gourmet not only will you meet “Smelly Himself” he will greet you with a sample of our family grown hulless popcorn.  You can savor one of Smelly’s famous cappuccinos (best this side of the Atlantic).  Roam around and you’ll find many handmade gifts as well as Smelly’s Carmel corn, Russian tea and his award winning chili mix.  Relax on the deck or in the courtyard.  Looking for a getaway, stay in our luxurious Banes Suite.

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Smelly Gourmet TripAdvisor Reviews Rated #1 Place in Metamora

If you are looking for a gift that is unique and unusual this is the place. 80% of our products are our own original ideas made by us at the Smelly Gourmet.  From our original designed Computer Geek Clocks to our family grown gourmet popcorn including hulless popcorn, you are sure to find that special, yet eclectic gift unlike any other.  The Smelly Gourmet is proud to say: "We are not your average gift shop".