Crema Fiore Home Fragrance

Fill your home with a wonderful aroma from the Crema Fiore line of home fragrance products.  Choose from fragrance oils, essential oils, our famous Smelly Jelly Air Fresheners (which is where "Smelly" in the Smelly Gourmet comes from), room sprays, wax tarts and coming soon car air fresheners.

Essential Oil

100% Certified Pure Essential Oil

PRICE: 1/2 oz $9.95
PRICE: 2 oz $28.00

Wax Tarts

Triple Scented Wax Tart Potpourri

PRICE: $1.50

Fragrance Oils

Highly concentrated uncut fragrance oils

PRICE: 1/2 oz $5.50
PRICE: 2 oz $14.95
PRICE: 4 oz 26.95

Oil Rings

Ceramic Oil Rings

PRICE: 2 Oil Rings $8.00

Room Spray

Concentrated room air freshening spray

PRICE: $5.50