The Original Smelly Jelly! Forget the plug ins that you have to replace every month or the candles that you may forget to blow out. A Smelly Jelly is a safer, cheaper, and longer lasting air freshener. We make our Smelly Jelly different than most Smelly Jelly's! First you don't have a flame to worry about and you can put them anywhere. Second, they will last for years if you feed them properly, and third, we make our Smelly Jelly's extremely strong with uncut fragrance oils that are highly concentrated so you will really get a great smell in your room! Not familiar with Smelly Jelly's? It is an air freshener with a twist! Not only do they smell wonderful, but they have the unique ability to be "recharged" when they start to shrink! Just feed them distilled water and and a few drops of oil (use your nose to decide) every few months and they will continue to live. Last for years if fed properly. Comes in many colors and fragrances that we carry, but don't let anyone eat it! Make sure you order a refresher oil to go with your Smelly Jelly!

Price: $8.00