If you have made it this far, you have already gotten the impression that "Smelly" is a breed of his own!  Yes, Smelly is one unusual character!  Without "Smelly" the Smelly Gourmet would just be an unmemorable, boring store.  Believe it or not, Smelly was not always "Smelly"! In his past life he spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy Submarine Force. Yep, he went from being called a "NUKE Bubblehead" to "Smelly".

I know it's killing you to find out the answer to the #1 question he gets asked.  Why in the world anyone would want to be called "Smelly"?  Well, it just so happens your gonna get your answer now.  A friend, Catrina Campbell, would come get 3 shots of espresso while waiting for her cappuccino. She would tell her friends "I'm going to "Smelly's" for coffee.  From there she decided he would be called Smelly and it has been that way ever since.

The Smelly Gourmet" is located in Metamora, IN, an 1838 Canal Town. When you visit our store you will be greeted at the entry by "Spooky", the Smelly Gourmet Greeter.  (He's our big, fat, lovable cat).  I guarantee you he will not let you in the door without acknowledging him.  We have many customers that come just to visit with Spooky.  Just remember, he stays outdoors.  He will try to sneak in with you.  Spooky is one spoiled cat. Smelly built him a cat house (looks like our building) with a heater inside.

The Smelly Gourmet is a tourist favorite spot because we (Steve "Smelly Himself" and Brenda) go out of our way to make sure that every visitor has a fun time in our store. You will be graciously greeted and given some of our family grown popcorn to munch on while wandering around.  As we tell everyone, don't worry if you spill popcorn, we sweep it up all day long.

We are known for being the most unique and unusual gift shop due to our personalized gifts, "Smelly's" unusual geek gifts and magnets, Brenda's luxurious hand made Bath and Body products, our family grown popcorn and a true European Coffee Bar as well as our amazing Carmel Corn, Russian Tea and Chili Mix.

Most of our products can't be found anywhere else on the planet! Why? because we come up with our own "off the wall" ideas! We love coming up with unusual things.  We are never out of ideas, only time.  We post many of our new creations while in progress on Facebook.

The next most asked question: What is the deal with your store opening at 10:04? We can't seem to get our act together and be open by 10 no matter how hard we try. So we decided, hey this is our shop, if we want to open at 10:04 we can open a 10:04. So now we shoot for 10 and we're open by 10:04.  It fits with the personality of our store. 

The Smelly Gourmet I located on main street in the beautiful Historic Jonathan Banes House built in 1845. We are fortunate to have such an amazing, beautiful federal style building.  We work hard to keep the appearance to the time.   Stop in our store and say "Hi" to the "Smelly People".   You will feel right at home.  You can also enjoy an overnight stay in Metamora in our luxury suite for two. See the Banes Suite.

So come on up, down, or over to The Smelly Gourmet!

Stop in at The Smelly Gourmet in Metamora, IN to see all the other products we make.
Don't forget to tell "Smelly" Hi! We'd love to see you.
Open Fri., Sat. 10:04 - 4 p.m. Sun. - 12:04 - 4:00 p.m.
Christmas Walk: Open Fri., Sat. - 12:04 to 10:00 p.m. Sun. 12:04  - 4:00 p.m.
Closed most weekends from the end of Christmas Walk until May.